Our Privacy Policies are as follows.


CLIENT DATA IS DISCRETE AND CONFIDENTIAL: We are the sole proprietors of this site “qualitypetstoreonline.com” and we just gather data that you intentionally give us through email or on the telephone. You’re guaranteed that your data won’t ever be sold or sheared to another person. in this equivalent light, we don’t shear our clients data to you or to any one under any circumstance.
We will just involve your data for the reason for which it is expected for example to reach you in regards to your wonderful pets. No imparting to any outsider.
Here we think about your security as a main major issue. Protection really implies security. Our arrangement expresses that anything data we gather from you is exclusively used to reach you just and won’t be sold or imparted to an outsider under no condition. Pretty much all web servers track essential data for its guests.

Discount Policy: If you buy a pet from us, and you don’t feel fulfill, you send back the pet to us and we will discount you completely. Discount will be done in the event that you return the pet in 2 weeks or less. How ever, we don’t discount the delivery cost, we just discount the full expense of the pet. How ever, assuming you return the pet following fourteen days, there will be no discount.
Assuming you save pets with us, that is pay to be conveyed sometime in the future, you should have the option to pay taking care of charges for that pet consistently as we save it for you.
In the event that you request pet from us, you should sit tight for no less than 1 to 48 hours for the conveyance before you can be stressed. Our conveyance window can be inside 1 to 48 hours relying upon the distance where we need to convey. How ever, when you reach us with your location, we will let you know precisely how long to anticipate your pet.
In the event that you acknowledge every one of the Policies above, you can put request from us and we will convey your pet to you right at your entryway steps.

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